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We work closely with individuals, teams and organisations to facilitate change in and out of work.

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A principle-led organisation that builds trust and inspires performance

We work with individuals, teams and organisations to develop people with integrity, and sustainable excellence with compassion.
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We believe in valuing people and reinventing the organisation

Change is a constant. Our experience through the pandemic has shown us we have the ability to adapt. However, it has also shone a light on what we individually value, and some of the flaws of the modern working environment.

If we don’t engage our people and our teams, we will suffer from poor performance; low engagement; high turnover; financial and perhaps mental strain. People will no longer wait to be cared for, heard and developed. The time for change is now.

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The style of facilitation was great – it was perfect for us! Informal, relaxed and open environment helped us get everything on the table, learn and make real progress.

Fundraising Manager, RNLI

Staying truly connected in a virtual working world is difficult. Last week I invited The Game Plan to work with my team leads to reconnect. We had a brilliant afternoon of open conversation followed by a challenging and competitive team task to complete. If you’re looking for a team building activity that is fun, collaborative and challenging, then I’d highly recommend you reaching out to Stephen and The Game Plan.

Ruth McDonagh, Associate Manager, Accenture

Thanks to the programme, I now understand the different behaviour and styles of myself and my colleagues better, and can therefore adapt my approach in challenging situations. I am also being more patient in understanding others when I am working with them.

Mark Rock, Regional Facilities Manager, JLL

Throughout the birth of my company EXCAPE, I have worked closely with The Game Plan. Stephen has shown me terrific support & provided me with much needed confidence in times of need when many obstacles came my way during the first twelve months in business and the birth of my company. I really looked forward to meeting Stephen as I knew I would benefit from every conversation. One of Stephen’s many skills is the ability to listen. Not only have I found an inspiring / brilliant coach but I have now found a friend.

David Slattery, Director of business Development, EXCAPE

Stephen was my leadership coach for the Madden Leadership Programme 2021 – a unique year to say the least, during our many conversations Stephen was a calming influence in a very uncertain time. He is extremely easy to talk to and his empathetic nature allows you to open up and explore your own thoughts and ideas. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for a coach or to assist you or your staff in exploring your own abilities and thoughts.

I began working with Stephen after finding myself at a crossroads in my career. I was looking for change but unsure of what path to follow. Stephen helped me to identify and articulate my values and aspirations. He also gave me the confidence to make a big change. With his support I left my business role and moved into the not-for-profit sector as a Guidance Counsellor. Stephen has been a great mentor to me in my new role.

Cillian Egan, DCU Researcher, GPA Madden

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